At Earlybird Childcare Centre, we believe in the power of early childhood education to create a better future.


What our parents have
to say ...

"The teachers are doing an amazing job, and they create exceptional value for our daycare dollar. She won’t remember these days, but these teachers are shaping her to be kind, confident, and independent, and we are the lucky ones for that. “

"The way the teachers talk to her is respectful — acknowledging her feelings and helping her work through her moments of frustration. They read her stories and talk to her sweetly. My child runs to hug them when she arrives at daycare.  The class (the under-2 crowd) actually plays together. I know it’s not developmentally expected, but the tots giggle, share, and hug goodbye. ”

"Earlybird has been the most amazing first step into my child’s growth into independence. Starting a child at 13 months can be a daunting thought for any parent, but with Earlybird, the transition was a lot easier, on both of us!"

“I don’t worry about leaving my child in Earlybird. The director has been very accommodating to my request and any changes in my child’s schedule.  My child is well cared for and is busy learning from all the activities within the day.”

“Every day there is a new exploration activity -- for example, picking up pretend bug figures in the sensory table, painting, or looking through prisms outside in the playground. She gets to play with beautiful, open-ended toys with an emphasis on natural elements — whereas at her previous daycare they had mostly big-box-brand plastic toys. You can tell a lot of thought went into selecting the toys — the soft dolls even have different skin colors represented. There are no screens except for the teachers uploading photos and videos to share with parents via the HiMama app."

“Our daughter has been going to Earlybird since she was 13 months, soon we will be coming up to a year of being there and we have only positive things to say. Now, being a toddler, her needs have changed, and the staff have accommodated and met those needs on a daily basis. She has learned so much! We can thank the staff whom she has the pleasure of being with all day for that. They are the reason why I am so comfortable with my child going to daycare. I know she’s in the best care.”


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